Pet Portraits by Mimi

I create original paintings of any animal of your choosing - from cats and dogs to horses and guinea pigs. I am happy to immortalize your pets in paint. My prices are fair and reasonable and I paint on artist quality canvas with wrapped edges that I paint all the way around so no additional framing is necessary. This helps to keep the costs down for you.

I live in California with my husband Marty and our two feline children Shadow and Nate. Believe me when I say they are as much a part of our family as any person could be. It never ceases to amaze me how much joy these little four-legged furry family members bring into our lives daily. We sadly lost our beloved calico Mackie a few years ago to congestive heart failure and I still think of her most every day.

I began painting animal portraits simply because I loved doing it. As is often the case this passion has become a vocation. Honestly, I still can’t believe people pay me to do something I love this much!

It is an unbelievable honor to paint people’s pets and I take the responsibility of capturing their personalities and unconditionally loving spirits very seriously. I also believe that it is our responsibility as humans to do everything possible to respect and protect the environment in the name of the animals we love, who cannot speak or do it for themselves. So I have made a commitment to live my life and consequently do my artwork in as ecologically a friendly and sustainable manner as is possible.

To learn more about me, my eco-friendly mission and how to go about commissioning a painting of your treasured family pet please browse through this site. Then feel free to drop me an email at with your questions.

Again, thanks for visiting. I look forward to getting to know you and your pet(s) in the future.

Mimi Gerhardt-Roth

Hi I’m Mimi, Welcome to my Studio!

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